The 18th century hamlet

Past event (August 1 to 7, 2022)

The bugle sounded and we set off again on the other side of the Atlantic to our time in the 18th century.

Thank you to all the participants for coming to attend these 7 beautiful days. ☀️

We thank all the animators, volunteers and communities who helped us to realize for the very first time the 18th Century Hamlet.

What adventures await us now? The future will tell you if you make sure to follow us. ⚜️

groupe rectangle
Group photo of the re-enactors and organizers.

“The Marquis de Lafayette requires you to learn about the history of 18th century America in preparation for your arrival at Camp de Vaussieux.”


Welcome to the 18th Century Hamlet, our new educational, fun and lively event. 😃

A good way to cross the time and the Atlantic Ocean simply.🌍

Presented by the associations Un Nouveau Monde and Historium.


What is it ?

The 18th century hamlet is presented in the form of a small living camp with its reenactors. With their material and their educational and playful animations, they will make you discover French America in an immersive and playful way.

An event dedicated to the history and the Franco-American friendship, totally accessible to families and children as well as to any person curious or fond of history.

What can be done ?

Permanent activities of the Hamlet by its inhabitants:
– The army of King Louis XV and XVI in America.
– The life of the Amerindians: coureur des bois, a traveler with his canoe, food, cooking, etc…
– The history of the great peace of 1701 and the 7 years war.
– Exhibitions, presentation of models, projection of educational films.
– Presence of a blacksmith and armament.
– Presentation of the armament and shooting with powder.
– Various games; archery, preparing an ambush, recognizing animal tracks, etc…

Moreover, a different animation will be proposed to you each day, especially for the children.

When ?

From August 1st to August 7th.

Every day from 2pm to 6:30pm.

A refreshment stand will be available on site to allow you to refresh yourself during your trip to America in the Age of Enlightenment.

How much ?

3 euros for one entry. Free until 5 years old.

Cash payment on site. Cheques accepted from 9 euros.

Our price list allows us to offer an outing that is easily accessible to families in order to discover the history of the 18th century in a fun and immersive way with the help of our guides.


How to join us ?

Find the 18th century hamlet near the town hall of “Vaux-sur-Seulles”.

10 minutes from Bayeux and less than 30 minutes from Caen by car.

A parking lot will be at your disposal.