Un Nouveau Monde Du Bessin

Normandy is a region of northern France. Tourism around William the Conqueror and the landing beaches have made its reputation. However, many of you are unaware of the 18th century heritage in the Bessin Normand.

5 history lovers wanted to share their knowledge of this period through the creation of ‘Un Nouveau Monde Du Bessin’.

Photo by Annie Vallart of the 5 founding members.

From left to right : Dominique Gillier , Didier De Bonvouloir,
Bertrand Bailleul
(President of theassociation), Gilles Mathis et Pierre De Poncins.

The association was founded since 2017, on the assumption that many tourist and cultural activities were mainly focused on the medieval period with William the Conqueror or the Second World War with the Normandy landings. Tired of seeing mainly that and knowing the historical potential of the Age of Enlightenment in our region in order to promote this historical period.

The must of the association is the Historical Reenactment of the camp of Vaussieux.
The first edition took place in 2018, on the occasion of the 240 years of its occupation by the French army, and was crowned with great success.
Military maneuvers, horse shows, period music, outdoor film … So many activities in which 4,000 visitors took part.
They were able to discover the life of this military camp which in a way contributed to the independence of the United States.

Moreover, the association is diversifying more and more in various regular activities during the “Journey to a summer in the 18th century” : the Vaussieux of children, the visit of patrimonial places, concerts and conferences, etc…

New partnerships and rich exchanges are being formed, as we wish to do with the “GEM et toi” (Groupe d’Entraide Mutuel) of Bayeux in order to facilitate access to culture for all, as well as by writing a book by the association.

It also wishes to create a permanent cultural center in the outbuildings of the castle domain, based on the history of the end of the 18th century with the Historial project.

Photo by Annie Vallart of some members of the association around a cup of hot chocolate.

The association is turning towards more playful activities dedicated to children and their families, in order to be able to transmit the passion of history.

A commitment towards tourists, especially Americans and English who are strongly linked to our history of the late 18th century, is also an important point of the attractiveness of the region and the development of its heritage.

Finally, the association is also committed to the youth by regularly calling upon trainees allowing the activities and the image of the association to evolve with a new look.